American Police Officers Alliance - Press Release

American Police Officers Alliance Granted Membership into the National Sheriffs’ Association

ARLINGTON, VA – The American Police Officers Alliance recently joined the membership of the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) as an auxiliary member. Board President Ryan Meyer and Executive Director Daniel Stuebs issue the following statements relating to the organization being granted membership: 

“It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am pleased to announce that the American Police Officers Alliance has been granted membership in the National Sheriffs’ Association. The NSA is the most professional and prestigious law enforcement organization in the nation. As President of APOA, it makes me extremely proud to be a member of such great organizations as we continue to pursue our goal as being an advocate on behalf of law enforcement departments throughout the United States.  Thank you and may God bless the great men and women of law enforcement.”- Ryan Meyer, Board President

“With our continuing mission to help our law enforcement in the United States, American Police Officers Alliance has joined the National Sheriffs’ Association. We will use our membership in the NSA to fight for the rights of law enforcement professionals along with providing politically advocacy for policies at the local, state, and federal level that are common with their mission.” – Daniel D. Stuebs, Executive Director 

About the National Sheriff’s Association (NSA) – Chartered in 1940, the National Sheriffs’ Association is a professional association dedicated to serving the Office of Sheriff and its affiliates through law enforcement education and training, and through the provision of general law enforcement informational resources. NSA represents thousands of sheriffs, deputies and other law enforcement, public safety professionals, and concerned citizens nationwide. Through the years, NSA has provided programs for Sheriffs, their deputies, chiefs of police, and others in the field of criminal justice to perform their jobs in the best possible manner and to better serve the people of their cities, counties or jurisdictions. The National Sheriffs’ Association headquarters is located in Alexandria, Virginia and offers police training, police information, court security training, jail information and other law enforcement services to sheriffs, deputies, and others throughout the nation. NSA has worked to forge cooperative relationships with local, state, and federal criminal justice professionals across the nation to network and share information about homeland security programs and projects. NSA serves as the center of a vast network of law enforcement information, filling requests for information daily and enabling criminal justice professionals, including police officers, sheriffs, and deputies, to locate the information and programs they need. NSA recognizes the need to seek information from the membership, particularly the sheriff and the state sheriffs’ associations, in order to meet the needs and concerns of individual NSA members. While working on the national level, NSA has continued to seek grass-roots guidance, ever striving to work with and for its members, clients, and citizens of the nation. NSA has through the years assisted sheriffs’ offices, sheriffs’ departments and state sheriffs’ associations in locating and preparing applications for state and federal homeland security grant funding. The NSA record and reputation for integrity and dependability in the conduction of such public safety programs among government agencies is well recognized and has led to continuing opportunities to apply for grants on the national, state, and local levels as well as management of service contracts.

The American Police Officers Alliance is a national political organization organized under IRS Section 527. Supporters are made up of police, citizens, organizations and public supporters working together to ensure our nation’s finest and our citizens have a unified voice in politics. To contribute to American Police Officers Alliance, visit

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