Grassroots Advocacy Training Program - American Police Officers Alliance

American Police Officers Alliance Launches Grassroots Advocacy Training Program

Today in America, police officers are embroiled in a battle with the mainstream media. Biased media coverage paints law enforcement officers in a negative light, continuously attempting to debase their honorable profession and painting them as power-hungry thugs.

Real Americans know the truth.

Law enforcement officers place themselves in near-impossible situations every day. They are the line between law-abiding citizens and criminals.

Today, they need not only protect us from the evils of lawlessness, but also from the liberal, biased media, who only wants to use them as fodder for a never-ending news cycle. This negative press enforces the misguided idea that police departments need radical reform or even disbandment.

American Police Officers Alliance is here to stop the madness and stand up for the truth.

Grassroots Advocacy Training Program - American Police Officers Alliance

American Police Officer Alliance’s Grassroots Advocacy Training Program is designed to help citizens like you and highlight opportunities to get involved in a positive way. Our goal is to raise awareness of issues that officers struggle with every day, show the importance of getting involved, and equip citizen activists with the tools they need to get involved in the local political process and stand up for police officers across the country.

The Grassroots Advocacy Training Program helps everyday citizens arm themselves with the information necessary to combat not only the mainstream media narrative, but also the stand up to those attacking our  law enforcement.

The Program will provide informational articles, videos, and other grassroots resources to help citizens become involved in the political process at the local level. Change starts in the communities in which we live, and this program will jump-start change by providing the tools you need to make your voice heard.

It’s time to take a stand.

We cannot sit idly by while the biased, liberal, mainstream media continues to slander our brave men and women in blue. Join our cause today and stand up for the rule of law and law enforcement officers everywhere!

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