American Police Officers Alliance - Supporting Police

Introducing APOA – the American Police Officers Alliance

How is that our society increasingly vilifies and attacks police who risk their lives daily to protect the communities that they serve? Have we fallen that far as a culture that we find it acceptable to attack those who serve in such a dangerous profession? If you watch the news and see the coverage of anti-police riots you’d think that being “anti-police” is the new and accepted norm in the United States.

The truth is, there is no way to know exactly how things got this bad for America’s police officers but one thing is for certain: The anti-police movement in the United State does NOT represent the majority of Americans. The vast majority of us respect and revere the American rule of law and those who put on the uniform every day to uphold it in our communities.

That is why the American Police Officers Alliance was formed.

We are a movement of regular citizens, public supporters and organizations dedicated to defending the men and women of America’s police force in local politics.

Local police departments across the United States require strong moral leadership from the elected officials who administer them. Unfortunately, too many state and local officials are blatantly anti-police. Most of them don’t even try to hide it. This lack of moral clarity in government puts police officers and the communities they serve at increasing risk of violence and crime which is why it is the mission of the American Police Officers Alliance to ensure that police officers are represented by men and women of integrity in government so they can carry out their mission to “protect and serve” in the most effective way possible. This means fighting to ensure police officers have access to their well-deserved benefits like healthcare and pensions, as well as the tools and support they require every day on the job.

Promoting strong police leadership and defending police interests in our nation’s cities is at the heart of our movement. We encourage you to join the American Police Officers Alliance and stay informed on these incredibly important issues.