American Police Officers Alliance - Press Release

American Police Officers Alliance Launches Outreach Campaign to 1.5 Million Pro-Police Voters

Arlington, VA. – American Police Officers Alliance, a national grassroots political nonprofit based in Arlington, Virginia, has launched a massive Get Out the Vote campaign targeting over 1.5 million pro-police voters across the country, urging these citizens to vote on or before the election on November 3rd. 

“It has become clear just how much is at stake in this election,” said American Police Officers Alliance Executive Director Mr. Daniel Stuebs. “Our message to pro-police, law-abiding voters is this: your vote in this election is either a vote for law enforcement or a vote for Antifa. This is what is at stake on November 3rd. We urge everyone to remember the men and women in blue as they head to the polls. At local, state, and even the federal level, this will be a major election to decide what is next for this country.” 

The mission of American Police Officers Alliance is to help elect local leaders who respect and understand the decisions police officers are forced to make each day, and will fight for their rights and ensure that police officers are receiving the support, tools, training, and compensation they need and deserve. During this critical election year, the organization has also led a large petition against Antifa and compiled a public awareness website and fact page at to bring awareness to the dangers Antifa poses to law enforcement. American Police Officers Alliance has also released an updated 2020 Voter Guide this month, free and available for download on their website. 

This Get Out the Vote campaign will reach and digitally engage with 1.5 million voters nationwide. “We are reaching out to voters that believe in preserving our institutions, protecting our protectors, and electing politicians who not only respect the role of Police in society, but who will fight on their behalf,” continued Mr. Daniel Stuebs. 

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American Police Officers Alliance is a nonprofit political organization, organized under Section 527 with the IRS. Contributions made to American Police Officers Alliance are not tax deductible. Not authorized by any candidate or any candidate’s committee.