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News Summary: August 2020

Another month has passed and it’s sad to say the anti-police movements are still making headlines. With the pushes to disband our police, disrespect and violence towards police and our communities, our police forces are facing more and more challenges as each month passes. We are working continuously to fight the anti-cop movements and the damages being created by Antifa.

This month we launched our Antifa Facts campaign with the hopes of educating the public on the dangers of this movement. As always we are committed to defending strong police leadership and interests in our nation’s cities. The continuation of the Antifa movement over the last several weeks is extremely concerning. We will continue to speak out and stand up for our officers and law-abiding citizens who deserve to know the dangerous truth behind Antifa. Our campaign was featured in a Law Enforcement Today article, and we hope to keep spreading the message!

‘Back the Blue’ rallies are gaining popularity across the United States in direct response to the anti-police protests in major cities for the last two months. American Police Officers Alliance sponsored a pro-police “Back the Blue” rally in Albany, New York on August 1st. Most Americans still support our police but their voices are being drowned out by the progressive activists seeking to endanger our officers with threats and hate. We won’t be silent and are happy to have sponsored this event to help speak up and raise awareness.

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