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American Police Officers Alliance Sponsored Pro-Police Rally on August 1st

Albany, NYAmerican Police Officers Alliance sponsored a pro-police “Back the Blue” rally in Albany, New York on August 1st. American Police Officers Alliance is a national grassroots political organization that fights to ensure that police officers are receiving the support, tools, training, and compensation they need and deserve so they can remain safe as they protect us. In recent months, calls for dismantling police departments, cutting budgets, and the berating and even injuring officers during protests have further normalized anti-police rhetoric across the country. 

“As a result of this entire anti-police narrative, people have begun hosting pro police rallies all over the country.  As time goes on and as the anti-police narrative gets worse, these rallies will become more important,” said Executive Director Daniel Stuebs. “Sponsoring this rally is the least we could do to make sure officers feel supported. 

‘Back the Blue’ rallies are gaining popularity across the United States in direct response to the anti-police protests in major large cities for the last two months. At least a few hundred supporters attended the rally in Albany, New York. The goal of the rally was to bring together police officers, their families and friends, and pro-police citizens and unite together to stand with those that protect and serve our communities. 

“We believe that the majority of citizens still support and respect our officers,” continued Mr. Stuebs, “but their voices are being drowned out by the loud progressive activists that are actively endangering our officers with their extreme language and threats. We will not be silent as these people continue to attack our police. This rally was a great event, and we are honored to be a sponsor and help make it happen.”

American Police Officers Alliance is a nonprofit political organization, organized under Section 527 with the IRS. Contributions made to American Police Officers Alliance are not tax deductible. Not authorized by any candidate or any candidate’s committee.

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