Sheriff Mack reaction on Defeat of Question 2 - American Police Officers Alliance

Sheriff Mack Offers His Thoughts on Minneapolis & More After Defeat of Question 2!

We just recently announced a new and exciting partnership between our organization and Sheriff Richard Mack. Sheriff Mack has had a long and storied career in law enforcement, including winning a landmark case for the 2nd Amendment against the Clinton Administration’s Brady Laws at the Supreme Court in 1997. Sheriff Mack has also been an advocate for police accountability and founded the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association after retiring from office.

Sheriff Mack has a wealth of experience, and we were eager to get his reaction to the recent defeat of Question 2 in Minneapolis, which would have allowed that city to amend its City Charter and eliminate minimum police staffing requirements in that city. We recently sat down with the Sheriff to get his thoughts:

“Well, I was actually surprised it didn’t fail by a larger percentage because I thought it was just the radical left and the fanatics on the other side, the extremist on the other side, that were calling for such an idiotic thing.”

But Sheriff Mack also acknowledged that improved police training around the country would be a great benefit to the communities being manipulated by the Defund the Police movement. Still, that movement seeks to demonize American Law Enforcement through exploiting isolated incidents caused by bad actors:

“…these horrible incidents where they try to paint all police bad when it’s just a few bad apples here and there that are causing these problems, that’s, to say the least, a huge overreaction to say that, “Yeah, let’s just get rid of the police.” And these people, one idiot, had said, “Yeah, if I ever need the police, I will not call them.””

“…most of these police are very dedicated. They’re very caring, they want to help people. They want to protect people, and 90% of the police, even more than that, are dedicated to their job and to the public and are honorable people”

Sheriff Mack reaction on Defeat of Question 2 - American Police Officers Alliance

Going into the vote, many thought that Question 2 had a fighting chance, thanks in part, to a local Star Tribune polling report in Minneapolis which saw support of the ballot measure relatively split. Something Sheriff Mack dismissed as a tactic used by a “Leftist” newspaper to influence the vote.

But this shows precisely the direction the Left will likely continue to take in their war on police, despite this loss in Minneapolis, according to Sheriff Mack. That is, to manipulate the narrative to continue pushing their radical agendas:

“Well, it doesn’t look like the left ever learns their lessons because Biden administration said, “Well, of course, the people are upset because we haven’t passed enough socialistic legislation, and we haven’t got them all their programs, and we haven’t funded free housing and free college and all those other things that the people are demanding.”

It just shows, again, how out of touch the Democrats are, this administration is, this current dictatorship in the White House. They’re completely out of touch. And the people who are actually pulling the strings on Mr. Biden, it doesn’t seem like they’re ever going to get it.

So I think it’s a real outrage that anyone would be trusting this administration on anything because they are so out of touch.”

Ultimately, the defeat of Question 2 in Minneapolis is a signal. For Sheriff Mack the recent local elections on November 2nd, including an upset victory by a Republican for the Virginia governorship, prove that despite the agenda pursued by activist politicians, Americans feel the police are essential parts of their communities. Above all, Americans still value Law & Order:

“But focusing on the police, I believe that Virginia was a very strong message that we want our police, we want our sheriffs, and I believe that the sheriffs in that state had a lot to do with standing behind the newly elected governor there.”

These are exciting times indeed, and the results of the 2021 election cycle prove that Americans are still behind the Law Enforcement community. As we look forward to 2022 and the critically important Midterm Elections, we know that Sheriff Mack will be a vital partner for our organization and look forward to sharing more from Sheriff Mack with our members in the future.

Sheriff Richard Mack - American Police Officers Alliance