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We are Excited to Introduce The Police Legislative Advocacy Center!

As a grassroots organization, American Police Officers Alliance recognizes that to create a truly effective movement, we must build momentum from the ground up. In order to effectively influence legislation that affects the Law Enforcement community, it is essential to first educate the public on the issues. That is why we are launching the Police Legislative Advocacy Center page on our website!

We have designed the Police Legislative Advocacy Center to be a go-to for the public on educating themselves on upcoming legislation and how they can help determine a positive outcome for law enforcement.

The page provides resources for contacting local officials and legislators & tips for citizens on how to effectively spur action on legislative issues.

These tips include:

  • The Most Effective Contact Methods
  • Making Issues Personal
  • And Most Importantly, Knowing Your Stuff!

To read the entire guide on How to Contact and Speak to Your Legislators, see the full page here.

Of course, at the heart of the Police Legislative Advocacy Center are the issues. This page will be updated throughout the year to bring the issues to the public. Issues will be organized according to state and a simple “support” or “oppose” classification, followed by a breakdown of the issues addressed in each bill and the positions taken by lawmakers.

We are currently monitoring legislation in:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Hawaii

To view a complete listing of the bills we are monitoring and how they will affect law enforcement in America, visit the Police Legislative Advocacy Center page today!

Image Credit: Photo by Wesley Mclachlan on Unsplash

For the last four years, having a pro-2nd Amendment President and split Congress has kept most new regulations on gun ownership at bay. But now, the arrival of the Biden presidency may very well mark the beginning of a new and aggressive push to further infringe on the 2nd Amendment.

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