American Police Officers Alliance - Press Release

American Police Officers Alliance releases “We Ask America” poll results

ARLINGTON, Virginia – The American Police Officers Alliance conducted a national brushfire poll asking registered voters questions about current law enforcement issues.

One of the questions within the poll was “Do you support police?” Based on the poll results, 48% approved of how local government handles law enforcement issues. Forty four percent approve at the state level and 31% approve at the federal level. 

Also asked in the poll was if crime is a problem in the local community. Forty one percent said that there was a crime problem while 44% said there was not a problem. 

Those who did say that there was a crime problem in their community also said that drugs were the biggest concern affecting communities. Crimes committed by illegal immigrants, gang-related activity and juvenile crimes were the other issues that received more than 5% response in the poll. 

“This poll result was inspiring to us as it sheds some light on the issues that are facing our law enforcement across our country,” said Ryan Meyer, President of American Police Officers Alliance. 

Learn more about the “We Ask America” national poll and download the results here:

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