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Citizens For Safety and Police: Seattle Field Office Will Shine a Light on Life Under “Defund” Movement

It is impossible to look back on the year 2020 without doing so through the lens of Covid-19 and the pandemic society which has been built around it. But 2020 was an unmistakable milestone in the war against Law & Order in America. And 2021 is already shaping up to be a worthy follow-up for this radical movement which is why American Police Officers Alliance is opening a Citizens for Safety and Police office in Seattle, WA.

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis triggered the first major metropolitan area to radically defund their police department in the country. But this was not to be an isolated reaction. Across the country, local progressive politicians in major cities rallied behind the defund movement and stood firmly behind the protests and rioting which followed the Floyd incident.

Why Seattle, WA?

As this chain reaction unfolded in multiple left-wing enclaves, few cities felt the consequences of these so-called “social justice policies” like Seattle, Washington, and surrounding King County. Last summer, violent rioting in the city led to the formation of the infamous Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or CHAZ. CHAZ was a lawless occupied zone of multiple city blocks filled with protestors, violent mobs, vagrants, and ANTIFA Leftist agitators. People were robbed, raped, and killed. The Democrat Mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, called it “The Summer of Love.”

In addition to the insane rhetoric coming out of City Hall in Seattle, the King County Sheriff’s Office has been transformed into a political appointment by the County Council, instead of a democratically elected position by the citizens. This is the same council which funds the budget of this office. This is a direct conflict of interests and slippery slope towards the complete politicization of policing in King County.

While CHAZ was eventually broken up after threats from the federal government, Seattle continues to be gripped by anarchist elements and a demoralized police force. Media attention of CHAZ was fawning. The truth, however, was never discussed in the public discourse.

That is why we are announcing the launch of an incredibly important project with a new field office based at the heart of this struggle in Seattle.

Citizens for Safety and Police

Our new project is called “Citizens for Safety and Police“. This project is designed to shine a light on the hardships being created in the anti-Law Enforcement environment in both Seattle and greater King County.

We intend to be the counterweight to the progressive narrative which works to villainize law enforcement and bring the public the truth about what is really happening in this city and county.

The story of the citizenry and their hardship has never been told. By shining a light on the reality of the situation, we hope to save other cities from this same fate.

We will continue to update our progress as we roll-out this new initiative!

Image Credit: Photo by Jose M on Unsplash

As a grassroots organization, American Police Officers Alliance recognizes that to create a truly effective movement, we must build momentum from the ground up. In order to effectively influence legislation that affects the Law Enforcement community, it is essential to first educate the public on the issues. That is why we launched the Police Legislative Advocacy Center page on our website!

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