2021 Year in Review - American Police Officers Alliance

2021: Looking Back at Another Successful Year for Our Organization

It’s that time again, where we look back and reflect on the success that the American Police Officers Alliance has accomplished in the last year with the help of you, our supporters. While 2021 seemed to fly by, we are happy to report that it was one of our most successful years yet!

We know that because of your grassroots support, our team was better able to advocate on behalf of America’s police as effectively as we have in the last year. But how many of you are there?

Well, this year we are proud to say we reached:

  • 90,788 grassroots supporters
  • 18,092 signatures generated on our petitions
  • And reached 380,796 users on Facebook!

We achieved over 50,000 headline impressions through earned media and press releases. In addition, over 500 press release pickups, including major media outlets like Police1, Yahoo, StreetInsider, Inside NoVa, and Digital Journal. In total, media coverage exceeded $50,000 in value in 2021

This extensive outreach provided us with the momentum to sponsor the following events around the country:

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association Training

This event was held in Brackettville, Texas, in partnership with the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association, run by renowned Law Enforcement legend, Sheriff Richard Mack. These training programs are open to all walks of life, not just sheriffs, and provide important training and education for all public officials on protecting the rights enshrined in the United States’ Constitution.

Conservative Political Education Conference, 2021

This timely event was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 6th and featured speakers such as Republican Congressman, Glenn Grothman. Topics included the threats posed by the rise of domestic socialism and the rise of China abroad, the Afghanistan debacle, failure at the border, and America’s failing leadership on a variety of other topics.

Pro-Police Rally in Albany, New York

This rally held on August 1st was a show of solidarity between Law Enforcement in New York who have been vilified and the citizens of the state who stand beside them against the radical anti-police agendas of the Far Left.

2021 was also the year we began an exciting new collaboration with a Law Enforcement hero!

Partnership with Sheriff Richard Mack

One of our biggest headlines from the last year was the announcement of our partnership with Sheriff Richard Mack. Sheriff Mack joined on as a member of our advisory committee and brings decades of experience, wisdom, and results to our organization. We couldn’t be prouder to be affiliated with this giant of Law Enforcement, whose record includes helping defeat the Clinton Administration’s Brady Laws at the Supreme Court in 1997. Sheriff Mack currently heads the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, which he also founded.

Part of our partnership with Sheriff Mack is a monthly subscription blog series called “Sheriff Mack’s Beat.” Here, subscribers can stay up to date with content concerning Sheriff Mack and his exclusive takes on relevant law enforcement topics.

Two other projects we launched this year to help get you, the American citizen, involved directly with law enforcement advocacy are the following:

Citizens for Safety & Police, Seattle

This project based on the ground in Seattle, Washington, was meant to give the citizens living in that area a voice amidst the disastrous anti-police & anti-law enforcement policies taken by local government following the death of George Floyd. This field office provided a hub for the people of Seattle to cut through the media narratives and educate the American public on the consequences of the radical agenda they have been living under since last year.


Grassroots Police Advocacy Program

This online training program was designed to educate participants in the year’s most pressing police issues. This included primers on ANTIFA, Illegal Immigration, and more, helping everyday people better understand and then educate others in their community on the impacts of these issues on American Law Enforcement, and ultimately, their communities.


These are some of the projects that we are most proud of from 2021. While they are not the only ones, what is true of all of our programs and projects from last year is that they were only made possible by the tremendous support and essential financial contributions of our amazing members and supporters. Together, we have made a difference for our heroes in the law enforcement community and have laid critical foundations for the year ahead. 2022 will be a landmark year for law enforcement, and the country at large, as the Biden Administration and the Radical Left face their judgment at the ballot box during the 2022 Midterm Elections. 

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